The footprint of the soil

The soil is the symbiosis between the soil, the climate that create the vintage and know-how since traditional time. Without Man, there is no soil. The footprint of the BUECHER family will mark the expression of the wines they produce.

The passion vine and wine, the awareness of the need to respect the earth and its soil led Nelly & Yves to adopt organic farming. This method of cultivation has become a true demanding philosophy to the House. A tenacious: have living soil and as expressive as possible. 

The prestigious soils of the estate are all from hillsides south / southeast. These exceptional natural conditions can be observed on the 6 municipalities currently operating. Granitic rock with shallow sandy soils, direction and climate with generous sunshine allow to some development pinots. The clay-limestone soil, particularly conducive to great Pinot Gris imparting with their finesse and elegance. Marl-limestone soil, land of Distinction Gewurztraminer, opulent wines present a character rich in flavor.